"Indeed, a minimum of life, an unchaining from all coarser desires, an independence in the middle of all kinds of outer nuisance; a bit of Cynicism, perhaps a bit of ‘tub’."
Friedrich Nietzsche

11 Dec 2011

Independent Wales and Scotland for a more United World

Interesting dinner conversation today Paul in the wake of David Cameron's decision to, as his jingoistic supporters put it, show the bulldog spirit and stick it to Europeitself an admission that the majority of British Tories don't regard themselves as Europeans. Ironically, as a cosmopolite (and coincidentally a Welsh Jew) who recoils from every nationalist instinct, I have to admit that I entirely agree with your sentiment that this weekend's events are an ideal opportunity for the Welsh and the Scots to go for full independence and leave the English to, as Michael Hesletine put it, float off into the Atlantic and obscurity.
Strange that the above image is quintessentially English and NOT an image one associates with any of the other 3 nations (well, not sure about the Orange tendency) that make up the British Isles. And, as Nick Clegg is unlikely to relinquish his role as Deputy Prime Minister for the greater goal of his party's own integrity and European credentials, and force the Tories to evidence the reactionary public support they claim, it would be quite a tempting prospect for the Welsh and Scots to realign themselves as nations whose interests and inclinations are more aligned to their European neighbours than the discredited and obsolete British Empire the Tories still absurdly hanker after. Having always been critical of the nationalist tendencies I associate with provincialism and narrow mindedness, perhaps it is time I reappraised the chance events that found me born and now living in Wales.

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