"Indeed, a minimum of life, an unchaining from all coarser desires, an independence in the middle of all kinds of outer nuisance; a bit of Cynicism, perhaps a bit of ‘tub’."
Friedrich Nietzsche

27 May 2020

On Tramps, Cynics and other Vagabonds

Apologies for the long absence from the blog. Most of the posts I wrote over the past 8 years became the basis for the following two books which was something of a distraction from blogging:

Jim Christy: A Vagabond Life published in May 2019

The Lives and Extraordinary Adventures of Fifteen Tramp Writers from the Golden Age of Vagabondage in February 2020 

see Amazon Page

I have not taken the previous posts down but left enough to provide a lengthy introduction to each of these remarkable characters with the aim or rescuing them from obscurity. 

I hope over the coming weeks and months to spend some time reflecting further on my obsession with cynicism (in its positive sense), wanderlust, vagabondage, communing with nature, the rejection of man made laws and conventions, and the other sins of these self-exiles from 'civilisation'.

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