"Indeed, a minimum of life, an unchaining from all coarser desires, an independence in the middle of all kinds of outer nuisance; a bit of Cynicism, perhaps a bit of ‘tub’."
Friedrich Nietzsche

29 Dec 2020

A Photo Tour of Sophia Gardens and Bute Park, Cardiff, Wales

 During most of 2020, for reasons too obvious to warrant mentioning, I have confined my tramping to a 4 mile round trip starting at my home in Cardiff City Centre and proceeding down either sides of the River Taff.

Sophia Gardens and Pontcanna Fields (west of the river) and Bute Park (east of the river) represent a wide green corridor from the very centre of the City, northwards to the A48 Bypass, which then continues beyond the A48 out into the countryside to Castle Coch and beyond.

I’m always accompanied by my wife Angela, whose frequent stops to take photographs on our iPhone of seasonal changes and wildlife, in a variety of weathers and times of day, are recorded below:

Map of the area described above courtesy of Google

                                       Starting point: Cardiff Castle at Dawn, weather permitting


Better not leave out the predominant mammal


After the storm





And yes, we do have winters in the park--but this muddy snowman was taken February 1st 2019

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